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Thu, May 19




Bees under a scanning electron microscope!


Time & Location

May 19, 2022, 7:00 p.m.


About the Event

How  can you tell a mason bee from a honeybee, or a bumble bee from a  digger bee? We know bees are important for pollination, but how have  different bees specialized different parts of their bodies to do that  job? How can we learn about the flowers they have been visiting? What  about those bees that don’t collect pollen at all? Did you know some  bees use their jaws as excavators, as leaf trimmers, and as combs? Have  you seen the hooks on the hind wing of a bee where they hook into the  front wing, so they flap together? Join us to take a REALLY close look  at a few of BC’s 500 bee species! This is the third talk in the IMERSS  series using microscopy in real time, partnering with the Native Bee  Society of BC.

Join us on Zoom with this link:

Password: 575297

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