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BC Bee Atlas

What is a Bee Atlas?

A Bee Atlas is a record of the times and places that native bee species have been seen throughout the province, as well as the plants they have been feeding on.


Why we need one:

BC is home to around 600 different native bee species and has the greatest diversity of native bees in all of Canada. These bees are essential for pollination of most of our native wildflowers, and like honeybees, they help pollinate crops that provide us with food.

We need a Bee Atlas because our native bees are under threat. The reasons for the disappearance of wild bees is not fully understood, but changes in ecosystems due to human activities and climate change are thought to contribute to this situation.


A Bee Atlas will:

  • tell us which native bee species are in BC now and in the future

  • tell us which flowers the bees use to feed on and raise their young

  • help guide conservation efforts so we can protect the biodiversity of our native bees.

How you can support the BC Bee Atlas:

You can support the BC Bee Atlas by donating here​

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