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Announcement: Membership with BC Nature

On May 4, 2023, Native Bee Society of BC became the newest member of BC Nature.

Legally known as the Federation of British Columbia Naturalists, BC Nature is an affiliation of over 50 local nature clubs working across the province under the common mission of “Know Nature and Keep it Worth Knowing”. BC Nature strives to protect biodiversity, species at risk, and natural ecosystems, whilst educating naturalists, the public, and decision-makers about BC’s natural history. Member clubs lead and contribute to many conservation and stewardship projects and offer numerous community education and outreach events.

The Native Bee Society believes that working in partnership with like-minded nature conservation organizations makes us stronger in our mission to envision a future in which BC’s native bees are appreciated, thriving, and protected. We believe we can learn from and lend to science-based inquiry that will directly support bee habitat and forage ecosystems.

On a practical level, membership with BC Nature offers several benefits to NBSBC, including:

  • access to grants, scholarships, and donations;

  • letters of support for grants and petitions;

  • the availability of experts and speakers from other clubs to present at NBSBC meetings;

  • support with insurance and IT


What does membership with BC Nature mean for Native Bee Society members?

 With this membership, all NBSBC members are now part of a growing community of over 6,000 individuals who are also passionate about nature conservation and education. 

NBSBC members are also welcome to participate in all BC Nature activities, like Spring and Fall General meetings, conferences, camps, interpretive walks and talks from BC Nature and its members. In addition, students will have access to the Rene Savenye Scholarship (undergrad) and Dr. Bert Brink Scholarship (post-grad) awards.

NBSBC members will receive monthly enews from BC Nature as well as the quarterly BC

Nature magazine either via mail or electronically. Members can unsubscribe or modify their subscription to these communications at any time. If you have any questions or concerns, please email NBSBC co-chairs at

For more information on the work of BC Nature, check out their website: Check into the BC Nature socials to learn more about the interesting work being done: 


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