Board of Directors

President: Sarah Johnson

Sarah is a PhD student at Simon Fraser University studying bumble bees in the West Chilcotin. She has an MSc in Ecology from the University of Calgary, has worked in plant-pollinator research and native bee conservation for almost a decade, in academia, non-profit, and volunteer settings.

Vice President: Marika van Reeuwyk

Marika is a program manager for the Environmental Youth Alliance, running pollinator stewardship and Indigenous land guardianship programs alongside a small-scale native plant nursery. She has a BSc in Applied Biology from UBC, spent many years volunteering with the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, and is well-connected with Vancouver’s non-profit and environmental stewardship community

Secretary: Tyler Kelly

Tyler is currently a research assistant and lab manager at Simon Fraser University in the Elle Lab. He has a MSc from SFU studying plant-pollinator networks in Garry oak habitats, and has worked in wildlife biology for almost a decade.

Treasurer: Chanta Ly

Chanta is currently an office administrator and conveyancer for Dias Notaries Public, and has an extensive background in administration; she is a passionate nature enthusiast. She has extensive volunteer experience in conservation and restoration and has tended a pollinator garden since 2015.

Director-at-large: Brian Campbell

Brian is a master gardener, master beekeeper, adult education instructor at VanDusen Gardens, and consultant and advisor for many other native bee-related projects throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. His main position is at West Coast Seeds as the purchasing and production coordinator, and he has had a lifelong passion for native bee biodiversity, education, and conservation. 

Director-at-large: Leslie Williams

Leslie is the assistant director and lead beekeeper at The Sharing Farm Society and is the lead beekeeper for Hives for Humanity. She is a tireless advocate for native bee health and has led a variety of habitat restoration and planting projects for pollinators. 

Director-at-large: Jasna Guy

Jasna is an artist, educator, and citizen scientist with a passion for pollinators. Since 2012, her art practice has involved extensive study of the relationships between plants and their pollinators, and the floral resources (pollen and nectar) that pollinators require.

Director-at-large:  Lincoln Best

Lincoln is a native bee taxonomist and has been actively documenting British Columbia’s native bee fauna and their floral relations for more than 15 years. He currently works as pollinator taxonomist for the Ecologics Lab at the University of Calgary, and as the lead taxonomist for the Oregon Bee Atlas at Oregon State University. He leads the annual BC Native Bee Course and is a passionate researcher, educator, and public outreach specialist.

Martina Clausen, Director:

Martina is currently a research technician and lab manager at the University of British Columbia in the Plant-Insect Ecology & Evolution Lab. Building on her MSc in Integrated Studies of Land and Food systems, she continues her research on biodiversity conservation (including native bees!) in agricultural landscapes.

Director-at-large: Riley Waytes

Riley is a terrestrial ecologist with LGL Limited based in Sidney, BC, working on surveys of bumble bees and other arthropods in disturbed and reclaimed environments. He has an MSc from the University of Calgary studying native and managed pollinators in canola, and is a volunteer with the Victoria Natural History Society and the Royal BC Museum.

Director-at-large: Christine Thuring

Christine is a plant biologist and community ecologist and currently works as an instructor at BCIT in the Centre for Architectural Ecology. Her main interests lie in enhancing biodiversity through soils and vegetation, and currently works as a researcher and consultant to create habitat on extensive green roofs in coastal BC with a particular interest in native bees.

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