Board of Directors


Sarah Johnson


Sarah is a PhD student at Simon Fraser University studying bumble bee ecology and conservation in British Columbia. She has an MSc in Ecology from the University of Calgary and has worked in plant-pollinator research and native bee conservation across Canada for almost a decade, in academic, non-profit, and volunteer settings.

Marika van Reeuwyk

Vice President

Marika is the Manager of Programs & Stewardship at the Environmental Youth Alliance. She oversees EYA's habitat restoration projects, native plant nursery and environmental education programs for youth facing barriers. She has a BSc in Applied Biology, Plant & Soil Sciences from UBC. She has led a variety of projects relating to native bees and plants in the fields of education, research, restoration and citizen science over the past decade. 


Christine Thuring

Co-Editor of the Quarterly Newsletter

Christine is a plant biologist and environmental scientist with a passion for enhancing conditions for biodiversity. She has a PhD in Landscape Ecology from the University of Sheffield, and currently teaches the green roof and wall courses at the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Centre for Architectural Ecology.

Chanta Ly


Chanta has an extensive background in administration and currently works at a law firm in downtown Vancouver, but in her heart she is a passionate nature enthusiast. She has a wide range of volunteer experience in conservation and restoration and has tended a pollinator garden since 2015.

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Leslie Williams.jpg

Leslie Williams

Co-Chair of the Administration Committee

Leslie Williams is the Director of Operations of The Sharing Farm Society in Richmond, and Apiary Manager of Hives For Humanity in Vancouver. Through community education and planting projects for pollinators, she advocates for native bee health, habitat, and diversity.

Lincoln Best


Linc has joined the faculty of Horticulture at Oregon State University where he supports the Oregon Bee Atlas and Master Melittologist programs. He hosts an annual BC Native Bee Course in the southern Okanagan. Lincoln manages an international research portfolio as an environmental consultant working with a broad spectrum of stakeholders. He is interested in developing restoration solutions that optimize biodiversity in western North American ecosystems.


Martina Clausen


Martina is an agroecologist with a background in environmental engineering, originally from Switzerland. She has an MSc from UBC studying the conservation of native bees in agricultural landscapes and was a member of the development team for EYA’s Pollinator Citizen Science Program.

Riley Waytes


Riley is a terrestrial ecologist with LGL Limited based in Sidney, BC, working on surveys of bumble bees and other arthropods in disturbed and reclaimed environments. He has an MSc from the University of Calgary studying native and managed pollinators in canola. He is involved with the Victoria Natural History Society and the Entomological Society of BC, and volunteers with the Royal BC Museum.

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Jennifer Lipka

Co-Chair of the Outreach & Education Committee

Jennifer is a MSc student in Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems at UBC. Her undergrad is a BA in Geography with a major in Environment and Sustainability. Her academic interests are biogeography, Geographic Information Systems, and pollinators! She is interested in researching the relationships between plants, pollinators and beneficial insects in agricultural settings and how they are affected by environmental pollution, climate, and land use change.

Joshua Thompson


Josh is the owner of PlanBee Native Plants, a native plant nursery he started in order to make these plants more accessible and better support our local pollinators and wildlife.  He is passionate about native plants, pollinators, their conservation and restoring habitat.  He is also an avid volunteer with the removal of invasive plant species and wants to spread knowledge on the important connections native plants have to the life around us. 


Valerie Huff


Valerie is a restoration botanist and native plant conservation advocate with a keen interest in pollination networks. She is a founding member (and current treasurer) of the Kootenay Native Plant Society, is fascinated by the complexity of plant-pollinator relationships, and is involved in numerous restoration projects with a pollinator focus. 

Maureen Marriott

Co-Editor of the Quarterly Newsletter

Maureen worked for 25+ years at the University of British Columbia administering and marketing adult continuing education. Now she is keen to continue learning more about BC’s amazing biodiversity, and to donate her time to organizations working to further conservation efforts and environmental education. 

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Jen Woodin

Co-Chair of the Fundraising Committee

Jen is an artist, educator, meditation mentor and bee-enthusiast, aspiring to awaken kindness and wisdom within society. In 2015 she co-founded the Hudson Valley Bee Habitat(HVBH), pollinating public engagement with bees, the environment, and each other - helping both humans and bees thrive. Jen is currently teaching at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, where she shares her interest for art, bees, and seeds of engagement.

Tyler Kelly

Co-Chair of the Membership & Communications Committee

Tyler is currently the lab manager for the WoRCS lab at UBC, led by

Dr. Claire Kremen, where he works with a collective of experts in agricultural sustainability and biodiversity. He has a MSc from SFU studying plant-pollinator networks in Garry oak habitats, and has worked in wildlife biology for almost a decade.


Jens Ulrich

Co-Chair of the Fundraising Committee

Jens is a PhD student at UBC in the Plant-Pollinator and Global Change Lab. His research focuses on wild bee ecology and pollination ecology, and he is particularly interested in the nesting dynamics of native BC sweat bees and mason bees.

Melissa Haynes


Melissa is a Master Gardener, Community Builder and Environmental Steward. She is a published author and project manager. She is passionate about nature conservation and connecting communities through nature and community building projects.


Lori Weidenhammer


Lori is a Vancouver performance-based interdisciplinary artist and educator. She is the author of a book called Victory Gardens for Bees: A DIY Guide to Saving the Bees published by Douglas and MacIntyre. Lori works with students of all ages on eating locally and gardening for pollinators. On occasion, she likes to dress up in silly costumes and talk to bees.

Paula Cruise

Co-Chair of the Administration Committee

Paula is the Garden Manager for Hives for Humanity, working alongside the community in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside to create and maintain gardens that support people, plants and pollinators. She is passionate about native plants and their unique relationships with pollinator populations.


Cassie Gibeau

Co-Chair of the Outreach & Education Committee

Cassie is the co-owner and Education and Outreach Coordinator at Honeybee Centre, in Surrey BC. She runs educational programming for all ages (primarily children), and is passionate about the environment and pollinators. Cassie and her team work with the City of Surrey on a Community Bee Garden project, an initiative that injects green spaces and pollinator habitat into Surrey, whilst providing education about honeybees, native pollinators, and about ways the community can support bees from their own backyard.

Ian Tait

Co-Chair of the Membership & Communications Committee

Ian’s career includes management and leadership experience in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations both large and small. His competencies include strategic planning; fundraising; marketing and communication; public, government, community, media and Indigenous relations; coaching and mentoring. A consultant since 2007, Ian volunteers with Earthwise Society and the Feed The Bees Campaign.

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Former Board Members

Brian Campbell

Member-at-Large 2019-2020

Brian is a master gardener, master beekeeper, adult education instructor at VanDusen Gardens, and consultant and advisor for many other native bee-related projects throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. His main position is at West Coast Seeds as the purchasing and production coordinator, and he has had a lifelong passion for native bee biodiversity, education, and conservation. 

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Jasna Guy 2.jpg

Jasna Guy

Member-at-Large 2019-2020

Jasna is an artist, educator, and citizen scientist with a passion for pollinators. Since 2012, her art practice has involved extensive study of the relationships between plants and their pollinators, and the floral resources (pollen and nectar) that pollinators require.