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Bee Diversity in British Columbia

Did you know that BC is home to the highest diversity of bees in all of Canada! With nearly 500 different species, there are more species of bees in BC than species of bird in all of Canada. Learn about the bees in your area with our handy guide below!

Bee Species in each BC Ecoprovince

Bees of BC Map.png

The Southern Interior

of British Columbia holds the

Highest Bee Diversity


in Canada at around 400 Species!

The species richness of bees in each ecoprovince of British Columbia. Colours represent data from the Spencer Entomological Collection at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum on Andrenidae, Colletidae, Halictidae and Megachilidae species, warm colours indicate high richness of bees. Numbers above each ecoprovince are estimated species richness values for all species based on three separate datasets. Created by Tyler T. Kelly.


The fact is there are many threats to native bees around the globe. Here we outline some of the impacts on diversity and abundance for native bees in British Columbia. Please follow the link to learn more.

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Meet the 6 families in BC

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