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Organizational Philosophy

We are a grassroots organization founded in 2019 upon the guiding principles of an obsession with native bees and the desire to bring people together over that shared passion.​



We envision a future where BC’s native bees are thriving and protected.​



To lead collaborative, community- and science-based actions that support native bees and other wild pollinators through art, education, and research.



  1. Protect and promote British Columbia’s native bees and other wild pollinators for their critical role in maintaining a healthy environment;

  2. Inspire connectedness to nature through the scientific and artistic study of our native pollinators and their habitats;

  3. Lead activities including but not limited to: scientific research, education and outreach, citizen science, artistic creation and interpretation, and conservation actions (e.g., habitat restoration);

  4. Advocate (municipally, provincially, federally) for additional protections and programs for native pollinators;

  5. Provide expertise to practitioners for running external programs to protect and enhance British Columbia’s native pollinator populations;

  6. Attract a diverse group of both experts and enthusiasts to membership.


  1. Diversity: We protect and restore diverse habitats for pollinators. We promote diverse ways of knowing and multicultural, cross-disciplinary approaches in our work.

  2. Accountability: We use a transparent, evidence-based approach to inform our practices and commit to ongoing learning as new knowledge arises.

  3. Decolonization: We commit to working towards mitigating historic and ongoing injustices, against humans and non-humans that have taken place on this land. 

  4. Collaboration: We cultivate connections between people and organizations to amplify the impact of bee and pollinator conservation initiatives.

  5. Inclusivity: We commit to fostering a safe and welcoming environment for all who have a passion for supporting and protecting native bees.

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