Quarterly Newsletter for the Native Bee Society of British Columbia

April 2020

Volume 1 | Issue 1


Editors-in-chief: R. Waytes & C. Thuring

Copy-editor: L. Williams

Writers: S. Johnson, J. Guy & T. Kelly


With special thanks to: C. Ly & E. Watler

We are excited to present the first issue of our quarterly newsletter! We appreciate all of our members for your interest in and passion for native bees. Come learn about the latest society news: read about the birth of our bee society, hear about our fun first AGM, and learn a little more about one of the most well-known bee species in Canada.

And happy Earth Day! We hope that you are able to celebrate the beauty of the natural world with us. Let's all do our part to help preserve this wonderful planet (and all the bees that live here)!