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2022-2023 Board Elections

Interested in joining the illustrious team of volunteers behind the Native Bee Society of BC?


We are in an open call for nominations to our Board of Directors for elections at our 
Annual General Meeting on  November 28, 2022! Board member positions are
self-nominated and
 due on November 13th, 2022 by midnight.


Description of Board Positions

What positions are we specifically recruiting for this year, and what duties are required?

Nomination Requirements

What is required to submit a self-nomination for a board member position? Instructions for submission included here.

Candidate Information

Get to know the candidates currently running for positions on the board. 


Can't commit to a board position but still want to help? Check out our volunteer page!

As a young non-profit organization founded July 28, 2019, we have made incredible progress in the past three years!

In the past 12 months we have:

  • Offered 29 Community Education events reaching over 1,000 people

  • Successfully applied for $20,000 in grants and submitted our first BC Community Gaming Grant

  • Continued to grow our amazing newsletter and social media reach

  • Supports the first cohort of the BC Master Melittologist program

To reach even greater heights, we want and need your help! A core foundational value of the NBSBC centres around community, and we want to expand our diversity of leadership, with volunteer engagement welcomed from all personal and professional backgrounds and all regions of the province. You do not need expertise on bees!

As a society we value diversity, collaboration and inclusivity, and we encourage applications from marginalized and under-represented groups.



​​Board members and volunteer roles are unpaid positions, but all specialized services and expertise provided to the society outside a reasonable scope of duties will be paid an honorarium that represents a reasonable living wage as agreed upon by the expert and the board prior to delivery of said service(s).

We ask that our board members:

  • Attend a minimum of 80% of monthly board meetings (on Zoom)

  • Commit to an average of 10 hours of NBSBC work each month, including programming, administration tasks and committees

  • Actively contribute to one or more projects / committees each year.


Board members are expected to take part in activities with respect and decorum according to our community agreement. We are committed to inclusivity and fairness and use Slack and e-mail to keep the lines of communication open and transparent (tutorials are available for the Slack messaging application).

 We are specifically recruiting for the following board positions, but welcome nominations for any of the positions available on our board.





We’re seeking a capable and organized individual who is:

  • Familiar with provincial non-profit financial structure, gaming funds, grants and charitable status applications;

  • Committed to accuracy, transparency and timeliness;

  • Manages the society’s budget and submits financial reports;

  • Manages the finances of the organization, including the board’s review of and action related to, financial responsibilities;

  • Serves as a co-signer of cheques with at least one another signing officer;

  • Verifies that donations are handled appropriately and that grants and service delivery contracts are accounted for in accordance with the requirements of funders; and

  • Ensures that the organization maintains the appropriate financial books and records and that these are accurate and up-to-date.

President / VP or two Co-Chairs (leadership role shared by two members): 

The Society is seeking two individuals who will take a leadership role in the administration of the society as either President / Vice President or as Co-chair of the Board. These individuals would be expected to work with the Board to oversee the operational running of the Society, including monthly meetings and AGM, and to shepherd the society into the future. Specific tasks will include:

  • Chairing meetings of the Board of Directors;
  • Developing agenda for board meetings;

  • Working with the board to seek volunteers for committees and coordinating individual board member assignments;

  • Helping  guide and mediate board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns;

  • Reviewing annually matters of governance that relate to the Board’s structure, role, and relationship to management;

  • Working closely with the Treasurer to ensure the proper management of the Society’s finances; and

  • Taking a leadership role in forming positive connections with community partners and alliances.

Specific skill sets include:

  • Leadership

  • Skillful delegation

  • Strong public relationship abilities

  • Organization


We are looking to compliment our current board to include members with the following skill sets / interests:

  • Volunteer engagement and coordination

  • Social media

  • Diversity and accessibility coordination / liaison

  • Charitable status application


Nomination Information


  1. Be interested in native bees

  2. Love British Columbia

  3. Paid membership status with the Native Bee Society of BC, sign up here!

  4. Have regular volunteer time to dedicate to society business (varies by position, but at minimum ~10 hours per month)

Sound like something you would be interested in?

A nomination package requires the following, submitted via email to

  1. Your full name and the title of the position you are interested in.

  2. (Optional, but preferred) A photo of yourself for posting on the candidates / directors bio page.

  3. The name of another registered NBSBC member who is willing to second your nomination - if you do not have a seconder, please reach out to us by email and one of the current sitting board members can discuss arrangements for a seconder for your application.

  4. A short description of your background including skills and expertise, interest in native bees, and interest in the specific position you are self-nominating for. This would later be used as your bio on the Directors page. Typically ~1 paragraph. 

Nomination info

Want to get your feet wet volunteering on a more casual basis first? Visit our volunteer opportunities page for more info on how you can get involved.

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