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2020-2021 Board Elections

& Committee Recruitment 

Interested in joining the illustrious team of volunteers behind the Native Bee Society of BC?


We are in an open call for nominations to our Board of Directors for elections at our Annual General Meeting, scheduled for November 30! Board member positions are self-nominated. 

Nominations are due 2 weeks prior to the AGM, on November 16th, 2020 by midnight.


Description of Positions

What is expected of you in a position as a board member or committee volunteer?

Nomination Requirements

What is required to submit a self-nomination for a board member position?

Candidate Information

Get to know the candidates currently running for positions on the board

Committee Opportunities

Can't commit to a board position but still want to help? Join one of our committees!

As a young non-profit organization founded July 28, 2019, since incorporation we have relied heavily on the efforts of our small group of founding board members for establishing and growing the society to its current form. To reach even greater heights, we desperately want and need your help! A core foundational value of the NBSBC centres around community, and we want to expand our diversity of leadership, with board member nominations welcomed from all personal and professional backgrounds and all regions of the province.

Board members and committee volunteers are unpaid positions, but all specialized services and expertise provided to the society outside the reasonable scope of duties will be paid an honorarium that represents a reasonable living wage as agreed upon by the expert and the board prior to delivery of said service(s).

Highly desired skills (if you can do these things and are willing to share your expertise with us as either a board or committee member, you will be highly invaluable to society growth!):

  1. Accounting

  2. Fundraising

  3. Website management and design

  4. Experience with national charitable status applications

  5. Nonprofit administration


Duties of Board Members

  • President: Conduct meetings; Direct business of the organization; Call Special Meetings of the members and/or the Board when necessary; Participate as an ex officio committee member of all Committees.

  • Vice President: Shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President and assist the President as needed.

  • Secretary: Keep the minutes of all meetings and attendance records of the Society; Have charge and maintain records of all minutes, papers, and documents of the Society; Keep a record of Society membership; Send out notices of the various meetings as required; File the annual report of the Society and make any other filings with the registrar under the BC Societies Act; Perform other duties as required pertaining to correspondence and records of the Society; In the case of the absence of the Secretary, their duties shall be substituted to another Board member as appointed by the President.

  • Treasurer: Collect the annual dues from members and deposit them in the Society’s accounts after properly recording the transactions; Pay out such funds as are approved by the Board; Keep complete and accurate records of all monies received and expended; Prepare and present a financial report at each General and Special Meeting of the Society; Annually prepare and present a written statement of the Society’s annual income, expenses, and current assets and liabilities.

  • Member-at-Large: Attend all Board Meetings; Shall assist the Board of Directors as needed, Shall act as chair, co-chair, or member of at least one Committee 


Nomination Information


  1. Love native bees

  2. Love British Columbia

  3. Paid membership status with the Native Bee Society of BC, sign up here!

  4. Have some regular volunteer time to dedicate to society business (varies by position, but on average ~3-4 hours/week)

Sound like something you would be interested in?

A nomination package requires the following, submitted via email to bcnativebees@gmail.com:

  1. Your full name and the title of the position you are interested in.

  2. (OPTIONAL) A photo of yourself for posting on the candidates page.

  3. The name of another registered NBSBC member who is willing to second your nomination - if you do not have a seconder, please reach out to us by email and one of the current sitting board members can discuss arrangements for a seconder for your application.

  4. A short description of your background, interest in native bees, and interest in the position. ​


Want to get your feet wet volunteering on a more casual basis first? Visit our committees page for more information on how you can get involved.